Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something different

Hi everyone.

Some of you may not have seen my art before, so I decided to give you a glimpse. My dear friend, David Meigs suggested I put down my pencils for a little while and did some paintings. That got me thinking and I realized that it's been about 20 years since I got rid of my oil paints.

Realizing it was that long, I decided to do as David suggested and pick up on my painting again. The trouble was, I had given away all my oil paints because the fumes used to get to me. So, this time around I decided to try acrylics.

Acrylics are so different to oils--they dry so fast that my first attempt at them (a beach painting, which I won't show you) just didn't feel right so I put it aside and started a new painting. This time it was a waterfall and I used more paint and worked faster. It is fun, but still not the same as oils.

After I finish the waterfall, I'll try oils again and keep the windows open. Anyway, here is my waterfall painting so far. It isn't finished yet, but I've had a few people ask to see what I'm doing so here it is so far. I will post the finished painting when it's done.


Louis Edwards said...

That is such a beautiful painting. You have great talent. I'm sure your paintings often inspire you on writing. Keep on for Christ.


David Meigs said...

I love it!

Rulan said...

Hi Louis. Thanks for that. Sometimes my art is also inspired by my reading, as in the case of David Meigs' book.

Thanks for visiting.


Rulan said...

Hi David. Thanks. So glad you like it.